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El Cuyo Yucatan, a fishing village, now also a kitesurfing destination, which some consider the most beautiful and peaceful beach they have ever visited. Although it is not a well known destination, this place offers a unique mix for those looking to relax and enjoy days full of kitesurfing.
It is located in an area of great natural beauty, along with the sun, the vibe of the town and its community makes it the perfect place to spend a nice moment.


El Cuyo is a special place to practice kitesurfing, it is one of the spots in Mexico with the most wind throughout the year. Due to the climate in this spot, we have the best constant thermal winds. For beginners it is a great place to learn as we have shallow water, few waves and a great beach.

For intermediate or advanced riders, this is a very entertaining spot, since you can practice the kitesurfing modality you want, be it freestyle, old-school or surfing.


~Wind season: November - June

~Wind force: from 14 to 25 knots

~Weather: Sunny, clear and with thermal winds

Bring your sunscreen 🤙


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